Grand Canyon Torroweap Remote Area

Page last modified 08/28/2007

Torroweap (aka Tuweep or Toroweep or some other similar spellings) gives a new definition to remote locations.  The purple arrows on the map above show the route we took.


To reach the Tuweep Ranger Station, you must go at least 55 miles over a washboard gravel road (below top right). From the ranger station there is a “road” over slickrock

about 6 miles to the

Torroweep viewpoint. This “road” makes the washboard gravel  seam like a superhighway.  It is like a boulder size piece of rock was removed every few feet. We had to put our truck in 4 wheel drive low just so we could go slow enough to stand the jostling. The view was spectacular (below left facing west and right facing east), but very few will want to go there. Less than 1% of all visitors to the Grand Canyon even know where Torroweap is, let alone visit it.


Torroweap is one of the great surprises of our travels along the road less traveled.







In the above picture, you can see Lava Falls, the largest rapids on the Colorado River. Below is a close up thanks to the super zoon camera.

Vulcan's Throne

Phyllis, Harpo, and Roscoe in front of  a portion of Vulcan’s Throne.

Arizona Jackrabbit

Larry taking picture at Torroweap looking west .