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Grand Canyon Inner Canyon

Page last modified 08/28/2007

Left: The Orphan Mine at the bottom of the canyon was at its heyday in the 1950’s when it was a leading source of uranium. The mine is now closed.

For the Traveling Morgans, the Inner Canyon is something that can be seen by a telescope or a telephoto camera lens. The rich(er) can afford to take a helicopter (below right), Those in good physical shape can hike down (below left, Bright Angel Trail).  The thin can go by mule back (once the mule trail repairs are finished.)


Above, this picture was take at Mather Point. We originally thought it was Phantom Ranch, but studying a map makes it hard to believe. Our camera has about the equivalent of a 1800mm lens on a 35 mm camera., but the distance would still appear to be too far .


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