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Phyllis wrote a section on the Grand Canyon in her journal.  This link will go directly to that section

The great beauty of the Grand Canyon is the scope and size. It is not the beauty of individual rock formations, but the vast number of canyons that come together and the unbelievable scale. Few national parks are clearly distinguishable from the space shuttle. The Grand Canyon cannot be missed when the shuttle goes over it.


To stand next to something that is so large it is clearly visible from space gives a new understanding of your small place in the universe.


Over 85% of all visitors to the Grand Canyon see only the South Rim, broken here into “East Drive” (above: Mather Point) and “West Drive” (Left Above: Hopi Point looking west)” for convenience.


Only 15% see the North Rim (Left: Phyllis near Bright Angel Point)


Less than 1% of visitors even know where Torroweep (aka Tuweep on map above) is, let alone visit it. Yet pictures from Torroweep  are generally selected to represent the Grand Canyon. Why? There is a straight 3000 foot plus drop to the Colorado River at Torroweep — very dramatic (Lower Left: Torroweap looking west). This one place is probably the most remote road in a national park. The “easiest” way in involves 55 miles of washboard gravel to reach the national park boundary. Then the last six miles are much harder. To call the last 6 miles a road is to  be overly kind. You can walk almost as fast as you can drive. Only go to Torroweap if you have a “high ground clearance” vehicle.


The Inner Canyon is the visited by people who can handle being near steep drops. In addition you must be in good shape to hike (Below: Hikers on Bright Angel Trail) — or be light enough to ride a mule (200 lb. limit) — or be able to afford helicopter transportation — or be able to afford and be able to handle a rafting trip all the way through the canyon.